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What We Do

Programs Overview

People, pets, and music are inherent to the human soul. FriendshipWorks ensures that these connections continue to provide support for isolated older adults. Service areas include all of Boston, Brookline, Newton, Somerville, and Cambridge.

We match older adults, (60+ years of age or 55+ for those with visual or hearing impairments) with volunteers for friendship and assistance. We also have Spanish-speaking staff and can often match in a variety of languages.  Our participants do not pay a fee for any of our programs.  FriendshipWorks' coverage area includes all of Boston, Brookline, Newton, Somerville, and Cambridge.

Friendly VisitingFriendly Visitors develop one-on-one relationships with older adults.  They visit once a week to drink coffee or tea, share stories, go for walks or do errands together or assist with small tasks. Over time, both people grow and learn from each other, often becoming great friends. Serving Boston, Brookline, Newton, Cambridge, Somerville.

Medical EscortsOur Medical Escorts offers comfort, reassurance, and mobility/navigation assistance to elders beginning inside the home, continuing to the doctor’s office and appointment room, and ending with a safe return back inside the home. Serving Boston and Brookline. Please note that requests for medical escort services require 14 business days' notice in advance of a medical appointment. This time allows our coordinators to identify and schedule an appropriate volunteer for your escort.

Friendly Helpers: Volunteers provide short-term assistance to older adults who need help with specific tasks. Activities might include: helping with organization, seasonal tasks, errands, or picking up library books. Serving Boston and Brookline.

PetPalsThis pet visitation program brings volunteers and their pets to visit older adults living in long-term care facilities. Serving Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge.

MusicWorksMusicians bring the joy of music to older adults in their buildings, offering them the opportunity to listen, engage, and participate in group activities that include singing, dancing, and playing instruments. Serving Boston.

To learn more about how FriendshipWorks promotes an inclusive and safe environment for all those involved in our programs, please click here.


The fastest way to put in a request to participate in one of our programs for yourself or someone else is to complete a short referral form. This allows us to be more efficient and keep track of requests.
You can also call 617-482-1510 and follow the prompts for the program you would like. For program-specific coordinator emails, please visit our Contact Us page.