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A Call for Social Connection

Global Loneliness and Isolation Week 2024

A Call for Social Connection

The week of June 10 - 16 is an opportunity to take action on the global and community issue of social isolation and loneliness — especially for vulnerable populations like elders. Social connection is the antidote as described in the advisory issued by Dr. Vivek Murthy, the U.S. Surgeon General last year. And the World Health Organization (WHO) Commission on Social Connection is bringing this issue to the attention of the world!

What can you do? 

During Global Loneliness Awareness Week we challenge you to perform "Random Acts of Connection" each day. It can be something as simple as smiling at a neighbor or paying someone a genuine compliment, to seeking volunteer opportunities as a Friendly Visitor with FriendshipWorks.

See some suggestions below, thanks to the Loneliness Awareness Week website in the UK. 

  • Smile at a neighbor and start a conversation
  • Reach out to a friend
  • Talk to someone on the train on your commute
  • Sign up to volunteer - become a Friendly Visitor with FriendshipWorks
  • Ask a neighbor if they need help (you can also refer them to FriendshipWorks Friendly Helping Program)
  • Notice something you genuinely like about a person and pay them a compliment, i.e. I like your haircut, jacket, earrings, smile. You can make their day!
  • Leave a glowing review for a local business
  • Make uninterrupted time for a loved one or friend
  • Talk to someone new on a dog walk
  • Ask your barista, checkout clerk, or gas station attendant how their day is going
  • Listen - show active interest when someone is talking with you
  • Find a hobby group or book club to join
  • Share a favorite memory or experience from your friendship with someone
  • Have lunch with a new colleague
  • Ask for introductions 
  • Help someone get to a medical appointment - become a Medical Escort with FriendshipWorks
  • Thank someone you feel grateful for and explain why

Other Ideas and Resources

For more "Random Acts of Connection" visit the Loneliness Awareness Week Website

The U.S. Surgeon General Advisory and PDF Download

U.S. Surgeon General Social Connection Resources 

U.S. Surgeon General 5-for-5 Connection Challenge

World Health Organization Commission on Social Connection