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Friends Are Like Books – They Always Have a Good Story to Tell!

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Friends Are Like Books – They Always Have a Good Story to Tell!

FriendshipWorks’ Friendly Visiting program matches older adults with caring volunteers for friendship and support. Using a highly personalized process to match volunteers with older adults by interests, cultures, activities, and more creates a strong foundation for deeper connection and long-lasting friendships. 

Joan Hill and Dayna Gallagher were matched about two year ago, and their friendship is still going strong. They love exploring local bookstores together or sharing a cup of tea while they discuss the many books in Joan’s collection. They also enjoy going out for a bite to eat or visiting museums and other historic sites in the area.

New to the area, Dayna was looking to connect with older adults in the community and became a Friendly Visiting volunteer. Joan was the perfect match.

“We’re BFF’s! I love that Joan and I can talk about the things we are both interested in, like books or birds.” says Dayna.

The friendship has also made an impact in Joan’s life too. 

“There’s a difference when your wheelchair is pushed by a friend.” Adds Joan, Dayna makes me feel like I’m 40 again!”